Yoni Levy

Coin Tick - FAQ

Hi person using CoinTick! 👋

(0) Why is it broken?

Coin Tick is just an interface to external data sources. I don’t control them. If the app isn’t working for you (and it does for other people), it means there’s an issue with one of the data sources. You either have bad luck (and got routed to a broken server) or the data source chooses not to serve you data for one reason or another. I’m afraid all I can do is suggest you try again, maybe tomorrow? 🙈

(1) Can you add support for coin XYZ?

Well, not really. Coin Tick is just an interface, collecting information from a bunch of external data sources. I don’t control any of the data. The main data source (crypto prices) is CryptoCompare API.

(2) Why is coin XYZ displaying a question mark (?) It shows up fine on cryptocompare.com

I’m utilizing CryptoCompare’s free API, which only support streaming price data for some of the coins in their portfolio. Again, I’m afraid it’s not up to me (but rather up to CryptoCompare) which coins are supported.

(3) Can you switch to a different data source, like CoinGecko, so we have more coins?

Yes and no, I kinda like the efficient realtime price updates that CryptoCompare’s API enables, which CoinGecko (and other APIs) don’t support atm, but lately I’m leaning towards switching as it’s not worth the lack of price data for many coins. However, I am very lazy, so I probably won’t switch anytime soon.

(4) Can you add a personal portfolio thing where I can track my crypto net worth?

That’s a pretty cool idea! However, I’d rather keep the app as simple as possible, so no.

(5) Can I give you money?

Thank you! I really appreciate it, but no.

No good?

Try DMing me @yonilevy, tho I might not answer.